Uninterruptible Power.
Uninterruptible Internet.
Both in One Neat Box.

For highly resilient Edge Computing, Remote Work or Remote Office locations, Reskube’s zero touch provisioning and remote orchestration deliver simply deployed power and communications resilience for critical business operations ensuring continuity even in complex multi-site environments.

Ensure Operational Excellence

The foundation of operational continuity is consistent power and communications. Reskube ensures this foundation is solid, safeguarding productivity and data security, guaranteeing uninterrupted service.

Reskube provides a competitive edge, ensuring your operations continue to deliver when others around you falter.

How It Works

Reskube Edge brings enterprise-level infrastructure resilience to edge computing, including the home and IoT. Designed for infrastructure managers prioritizing uptime, Reskube ensures that the remote edge of your network is as stable and secure as the core.

Reskube enhances productivity, ensures business continuity compliance, and supports the reliable operation of distributed technologies. This straightforward approach minimizes complexity and maximizes operational efficiency, addressing key COO priorities in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Our mission is to empower businesses with resilient infrastructure, ensuring operational continuity in the face of challenges.

Designed for highly resilient Edge Computing, Remote Work, and Remote Office locations, Reskube’s capabilities simplify power and communications resilience for critical business operations.

Simple Deployment

Experience effortless implementation with Reskube’s streamlined deployment process.

Standardized Device

Reskube offers a unified solution that caters to multiple use cases, all within a single device.

Remote Management

Providing control and real-time visibility, it empowers your support teams to efficiently manage and monitor from a centralized platform.



Reskube’s certification (UK, Europe, US and South Africa) minimizes risks for enterprises when deploying into sensitive environments such as health monitoring.

Full UPS and Surge Protection

Our cutting-edge Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries boast a remarkable lifespan of up to a decade, capable of enduring thousands of cycles. Reskube safeguards even the most sensitive IT equipment from disruptions and voltage fluctuations.

Enterprise Quality

Offering a premium aesthetic with an endlessly recyclable aluminum enclosure and built using the highest quality components, Reskube ensures lasting performance and unwavering reliability.

More than a UPS

Reskube is not any old uninterrupted power supply (UPS). It delivers sub-10ms failover to support even the most sensitive IT equipment and equipped with a 10 year lifetime 768Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery making an excellent return on investment.

With an impressive run time of up to 30 hours and a recharge time of only 2 hours, it ensures your essential devices from servers and switches to CCTV and IoT, remain operational for the full duration of an outage, not just the first 20 minutes.

High data usage

If your endpoint and network security is already in place, and your users use large amounts of data in video calls or media files, and if Reskube is your primary data connection – then the Unlimited Data Tariff is suitable for you.

Bring your own SIM

If your business already has agreements with Data Service Providers, you may prefer to keep all contracts and billing under one roof. The Reskube is an open platform, allowing you to use your existing service provider’s SIM.

Optional APN

If you need an additional layer of security and control, the Reskube can be provisioned with a Public or Private Access Point Name network SIM. This Machine to Machine SIM provides a more secure method of connecting users back to your systems and resources.

Remote resilience with centralised control

PRISM, Reskube’s advanced management portal, equips infrastructure teams with the visibility they need to orchestrate edge computing and IoT devices. This robust platform can optionally provide a comprehensive view of all devices connected to Reskube, ensuring granular control and detailed reporting. PRISM accelerates the diagnosis and resolution of network or device issues, streamlining support for your distributed workforce and technology.

Granular device visibility

Alert, deactivate and bill cap controls

SIM lock to device

Automation rules and triggers

API integration

Live fault diagnosis

The world runs on power and the internet, so Reskube’s unique proposition of simply deployed and remotely managed resilience is compelling in many use cases. Here are just a few.

Critical Remote Work

Reskube emerges as a crucial solution for remote staff handling mission-critical tasks. This platform offers a resilient foundation of power and internet connectivity for essential edge devices. With a straightforward deployment process and remote management capabilities, Reskube Home Pro ensures uninterrupted operations at the edge, even in the face of power or internet disruptions.

Mission Critical Edge Computing

Specifically crafted to bolster mission-critical edge computing, Reskube offers a robust foundation of resilient power and internet connectivity, ensuring a resilient and dependable infrastructure that empowers your organization to meet its operational goals seamlessly.


In the fast-paced world of retail, operational continuity is paramount. From powering point-of-sale systems and managing inventory to sustaining customer engagement and securing online transactions, Reskube stands as a reliable ally for retailers, enhancing their capacity to thrive in the face of disruptions.

Small Offices

Offering a combination of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of management, Reskube is a valuable solution for small offices. By implementing Reskube, small offices can fortify their infrastructure, minimize disruptions, and create a more resilient and productive work environment.

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The Reskube Edge E110 is the solid platform for your mission critical edge deployments. Our resilient solutions ensures a dependable foundation for power and internet infrastructure, especially in remote locations.