ProxMox VE 5.4 Released

New Proxmox VE 5.4

These are the highlights of the new version 5.4:

  • Debian Stretch 9.8 and Linux Kernel 4.15,
  • New installation wizard for Ceph,
  • New HA policies freeze/fail-over/default for greater flexibility,
  • Suspend to disk/Hibernation support for Qemu guests,
  • Support for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication,
  • Improved ISO installation wizard,
  • New options for Qemu guest creation wizard,
  • and many more..

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“What’s new in Proxmox VE 5.4”

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Nice to know – some facts

Proxmox VE has now a huge worldwide user base with over 250,000 installations. The GUI is translated into 19 languages. More than 40,000 members are active in the community support forum. And Proxmox has over 14,000 customers from companies regardless of size, sector or industry who rely on a support subscription from Proxmox.