Digium Switchvox

Advanced Business Phone System Features at an Affordable Price

The Switchvox features set provides many products under one license. Traditional phone systems would require individual feature licenses for major applications like voicemail, faxing, and IVRs. With Switchvox, your company can simplify its communications down to one powerful solution delivered in the cloud or on-premise. Get mobile apps, call recording, desktop faxing, ACD, presence, and much more – all in one turnkey solution at one affordable price.

Switchvox Switchboard Icon

Web-Based Interface

Take control of your communications; Switchboard enables call control from anywhere

Switchvox Mobile


Road-warriors, home-office workers; Efficiently communicate anytime, anywhere

Switchvox Call Center

Call Center

Call Center, Operations Center, call it what you will; call distribution is possible without add-ons

Switchvox Reporting and Analytics


It’s your data, use it; enhance productivity with analytics

Switchvox Integrations


Power up your PBX; connect applications for higher customer satisfaction